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        Electric Blankets vs Electric Mattress Pads: Which Easily Is The Best Choice?

        2019-08-24 10:09:40

        The biggest difference between an electric blanket and an electric mattress pad is where it goes on your bed. Obviously, a blanket is meant to be used on top of your body, while the mattress pad is meant to go on top of your mattress underneath you. Other than this clear difference, there are a couple of small details that set one apart from the other. One of those details is that electric blankets are much more common in the United States, while heated mattress pads are more popular in Europe. Why? It likely has more to do with marketing than tradition, but if you consider which side of the globe uses hot water bottles for warmth more, that might explain it a little. There are a few advantages of one product compared to the other, but where one fails slightly, it makes up for its pitfalls in other ways.

        Is One Better Than the Other?

        Choosing an electric blanket or an electric mattress pad is mostly going to come down to personal preference, your budget, and your décor preferences. Go over the comparison chart to see the differences, and then keep reading to find out more about each feature and benefit.


        Whether you choose an electric blanket or electric mattress pad, you’re likely to be warm enough throughout the winter season – at least in bed. Plus, you won’t rack up a huge electric bill, regardless of which you choose. The advantages of a heated blanket are that it comes in more sizes and can be used in areas other than your bed. It’s generally more affordable, and you can choose a color you like for your bedroom. However, an electric mattress pad is slightly more expensive, and it can only be used on your bed, but you can place other blankets on top of it safely, and it stays more secure, reducing potential fire hazards. Let us know if you have any questions by commenting or sharing below!

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