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        How an electric blanket works

        2017-12-01 14:28:12

        Electric blankets contain an integrated electrical heating device that spreads warmth through your bed. Most electric blankets produce heat via carbon fibre wires embedded in the fabric.

        You can alter the warmth of most electric blankets by adjusting the setting on the controller mechanism — this may be attached directly to the mattress or hang separately on the attached cord. The number of settings can range from three to 10, depending on the electric blanket.

        A good quality electric blanket will warm your bed quickly and thoroughly. The highest heat setting will be more than enough to keep the winter chill at bay. (You might even feel a bit too toasty!)

        Most double bed (or larger) electric blankets come with dual controllers — this allows each person to adjust the heat level on their side of the bed, without affecting their partner. Some electric blankets also have programmable settings — which allow you to set a specific time that you want the blanket to switch on, as well as the desired temperature. Some electric blankets feature a fast heat-up time, so the bed is ready at the set temperature in as little as 10 minutes. The timer can also automatically switch off the electric blanket after a desired period — for example three hours — so you don't fall asleep and accidentally leave the blanket on all night.

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