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        Guide to Buying an Electric Blanket

        2017-12-01 14:09:57

        Personally, I am not a fan of electric blankets but my parents swear by them. Arguably, they do keep your beds warm during the winter, but so does a hot water bottle. However, shopping for reliable electric blanket could be a bit tricky, especially if with all the different brands and new features available in many new models today. This article will let you in on the things that you need to remember when purchasing one for your home.

        Benefits of having an electric blanket. There have been many doubts about electric blanket technology–the internet alone already has a number of articles saying that they’re not worth it, that they could overheat or underheat, that they don’t really provide the warming action that you need, or that they can cause discomfort because of the wires.

        The technology in these blankets today has improved, however. If you do your research, you’ll be able to get benefits like reducing your heating bill during the cold months, reducing pain commonly associated with ailments like arthritis and muscle pain, and of course–a warm good night’s sleep. To make sure that you get these things and more, keep these things in mind before you go shopping.

        What to look for in an electric blanket?

        Ease of use – Get an electric blanket that is easy to control. Some of the easiest ones available today are those with digital dials. These could be a bit more expensive than other models, but they’re good investments. Try out all the buttons before you make a purchase.

        Automatic function – If you don’t want the electric blanket to keep working all night, get the one that has an automatic off button so you can control the temperature. If you know you’ll be using your blanket for a long time, look for the ones that are guaranteed for extended use (reading reviews will be very helpful with this).
        Flexibility and weight – Get an electric blanket that has multiple heat adjustments. Also, you should check if you’re comfortable with the weight of the blanket–some people complain about having fabric that’s too heavy. Washing – Lots of buyers are worried about how they can wash the blankets properly, so make sure that you ask the store if the blanket can be machine washed and/or can be dried with an electric dryer.

        Material – Feel the blanket before you purchase. You want something thick–a material that won’t make you feel the heating elements (fleece is one of the best materials available out there).

        Voltage – Get an electric blanket with low voltage (120)–these are the safer ones. Brand – Look for a safety standard mark–this depends on the country, so do your research before you head over to any store. You’d want to invest in a well-known, tried and tested brand.
        Consider these tips before you get an electric blanket for your home. Do your research before you look–ask friends and family for recommendations, read up on reviews and compare brands online, and try to test the quality if you can. You’d want to invest in something that will keep you warm for many winters, so choose wisely. Good luck!

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